Sales not replying


I have tried emailing sales and calling, and there’s no sign from them. Whats up? I need to buy some Deadline licenses.


Hi Bryan,

Expect an answer in the next few minutes.


Got the quote, but would like to buy now. No reply yet.

Would also like beta access.

Thank you.


I checked with Sales.
Your email came in at 7:03 am PDT.
An answer was sent at 9:30 am PDT.
Your message here is time-stamped 11:46 am PDT.
There seems to be some problem outside of our control.
That being said, we have never promised to answer within 10 minutes of receiving a request, but we are trying :wink:


My apologies. I still have not received the reply. Must be a mail server issue. I will call.


I would suggest trying an alternative (gmail?) account to get the communication going, since we might need to send you files and other attachments which we cannot do over the phone. Please email us (and cc: bobo AT thinkboxsoftware DOT com) with an alternative email address if you can…