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Save as - causes no ouput error (AE)

I noticed that once a job has been submitted to deadline from AE, I can still work on it an the changes made in the file will be also made in the job currently rendering. Somtimes this is nice, but other times I’d want to be able to continue working on the AE file without affecting the current render job.

Then I ran into a problem. It seems that as soon as I save file as in AE the deadline immediately gives an error in the current job saying; job needs output but none provided. This seems to correlate with the posts regarding this error I made earlier.

Can someone explain why this is happening? I cant understand how writing a new file, independant of the original (which is what happens when you click save-as to my understanding) causes deadline to crash rendering the original job.
And more importantly does anyone have a solution to this problem?
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

When you submit projects from Adobe After Effects to Deadline, there’s an option often referred to as “Submit Project File” or a similarly named checkbox. This option, when selected, ensures that the current After Effects project file (.aep) is included with your job submission. Including the project file is crucial for rendering, as it allows the nodes on the render farm to access all the necessary data. It’s a best practice to select this option unless you have a specific reason not to, such as if you’re submitting a pre-rendered sequence or a project that does not require the After Effects project file to be present on the render nodes.

Are you running on Mac or Windows?
Which version of deadline are you running?

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