Scale to UV? Prt loader > Stoke > Pflow?


Sorry the subject isn’t more descriptive.
I have a need to utilise the scale value from a prt Loader to drive the color of particles in Pflow.

I was thinking I could do it by adding a magma mod on the prt loader to convert the scale value (which is between 0 - 1) to be a UVW and assign a gradient map to the material in Pflow. But that doesn’t seem to work. The UV channel doesn’t show up in the Krakatoa Prt Update in Pflow, thus all particles are as though their mapping is still at 0,0,0.

Is there a way to do this?



I figured it out. I found the following and that helped me get there. … or_Channel

So what I ended up doing was using a magma mod on the prt loader to convert scale to color.(effectively vertex color)
Then in the Pflow material I added a gradient map (mapped type), with a vertex color map in the source map.