Schedule a Miscellaneous Python Submission

I’ve created a handful of python scripts to essentially take an argument “–db” where you input the database name, it does a pg_dump of our Resolve Project Databases and stores them on our NAS. (,,,

I can manually submit these by restricting the pool and group to the Resolve DB backup server and manually submitting a miscellaneous/python job in the monitor.

I’d like to essentially schedule these miscellaneous python submissions to happen hourly, daily, weekly and monthly through deadline to give us a central place for monitoring and we can be notified when a script fails to run.

You could write a script that submits your job via Deadlinecommand on whatever schedule you want. Using cron perhaps?

I actually like this idea too. Sometimes visibility is helpful for repetitive tasks.

I thought you could set jobs as recurring, which seems like it might solve your issue? Quick search landed me here:

Food for thought.

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The Job Scheduling options of Deadline cannot go below “Daily” recurrence:

So for the Hourly scheduling you might need to do something else.

A possible workaround would be to create an Event plugin that requeues a job every N minutes. Similar to the Spot Event Plugin, but much simpler. It could be registered to the House Cleaning event which normally executes every 60 seconds. In that Event script, you could

  • Query the Deadline queue to find the job with the script that should run
  • Check the Job’s last completed date and time
  • Get the current date and time
  • Subtract the two time values
    • If the Job completed 1 hour ago, requeue the Job so it would run again.
    • Once it is completed, it will sit there for another hour before the Event requeues it again…
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