Scripted opt-in for event plug-ins


I have an event plug-in running, but I’d like it to be opt-in only on cloud machines. Is there any way to set the opt-in dynamically? It would be great to be able to do it from OnSlaveStartedCallback in another event plug-in.

I saw in another post a hint that this could be done for a job my modifying job.Properties.EventOptInArray, but I don’t see that in the current API docs either, and nothing analagous for workers.

I can put a guard in the event plug-in, of course, to filter the machines it operates on. But I’d have to do that for every callback, and it would be a lot of wasted cycles.


Looking over that old post I think you’re stuck with a guard.

Fortunately the amount of work required to load an event plugin is negligible.

Okay thanks Justin! No problem – the guard itself is simple enough, and it’s great to know the event plug-in loading time isn’t a concern. Cheers!

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