[SDK] Cannot convert node to poly object?


I have a SimpleObject2 plugin. It fills its SimpleObject2::mesh with a point cloud.

When I try to render, after turning the “>Geo. Verts” checkbox on within krakatoa settings, I get the error:

max_geometry_vert_particle_istream::init_stream() - Cannot convert node: “nodeName” to a poly object

Is there anything special I need to do in my plugin to make its vertex cloud mesh compatible with Krakatoa? Should I be returning any special interfaces and such?



Hi ivanisavich,

Your object class needs to override the CanConvertToType() and ConvertToType() methods such that the first returns true when polyObjectClassID is input, and the second returns a PolyObject* when polyObjectClassID is input.


Thanks Evan! That makes sense.


Update: worked like a charm…thanks again for the quick help!