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Search function for help section

The search function for the help for krakatoa seems to have disappeared? Is this a temporary thing or has it been removed? I found it very handy, would be good to have it back.


Do you mean the newer docs support site search, or one on another page?

The search box seems to be here in what we call the Doxygen docs: … mentation/

Could you link me to the site you’re expecting to be able to search?

I have not used that site before. That seems much better.

I meant on this site. there used to be a search box on the left.

We decided to rework that old pages temporarily while finishing the transition to the new documentation server. There were some bugs in the database managing the old docs, and we fixed them in the process, but it looks like the search was affected (although I don’t even remember there being a search, but if you say there was…)

The plan is to move all documentation to the new docs site, because its source is version-controlled in Git and can be built and updated automatically. It also lets us easily build different forms of documentation (incl. PDF), and the source is ASCII markup as opposed to HTML, so it is very easy to write.

We moved the Deadline documentation there many years ago, and started moving all others over time. Sequoia was the first product that never had docs in the old place.

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