Seeking Flood:Surf Beta Testers

Frantic Films is seeking qualified testers for Flood:Surf for 3ds Max 9.0. Flood:Surf is an ocean synthesis toolset for creating deep-ocean scenery. (See for more info.) A qualified tester is someone with access to 3ds Max 9.0 (32- or 64-bit) with an interest in creating ocean imagery.

To request access to the beta, send an e-mail to with a brief note describing your interest. If selected, you will receive further instructions for accessing the beta.

– James –

Ok I am in!

user name: Daniel_Manahan

Daniel Manahan

Total bummer there’s not a Maya version being floated out there. :slight_smile:

I had a project recently that was going to require extensive ocean shots.

Make sure to let us know if that ever becomes a reality! :slight_smile:

  • jon

So, I am logged in - Where can I get the Flood:Surf Beta ?

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