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Sequoia 3ds Integration script not working

Hello everyone, apologies upfront as I lack the programming knowledge to understand the problem I am having. I have been trying to utilize Thinkbox Sequoia Meshing, the program comes with 3ds integration maxscript for loading Seq. .xmesh into 3ds.

They have provided a .ms file which I have loaded and run. This creates a toolbar button that loads the sequential xmesh files. Whenever I run the script and point the macro to the correct file, once I click load I get this error.

– MAXScript Rollout Handler Exception:
– Type error: Call needs function or class, got: undefined

The listener window refers to line 261 and 285, here is the snippet of the code between those to lines:

						local theCurrentFile = theFiles[f][1]
						local isExistingNode = getNodeByName ("XMesh_"+ getfilenamefile theCurrentFile)
						if not isValidNode isExistingNode do
							local theLoader = XMeshLoader()
							theLoader.renderSequence = theCurrentFile = "XMesh_"+getfilenamefile theCurrentFile
							theLoader.loadSingleFrame = true
							theLoader.useFileLengthUnit = true
							theLoader.viewportSequenceID = 0
							theLoader.showIcon = false
							append newObjects theLoader
							if chk_assignMaterials.checked do
								local theTextures = getPossibleTextures theCurrentFile
								if theTextures.count > 0 do
									local theMat = StandardMaterial name:("MAT_"+getFileNameFile theCurrentFile)
									theMat.diffusemap = bitmapTexture name:("MAP_"+getFileNameFile theCurrentFile) filename:theTextures[1]
									if chk_selfIlluminated.checked do theMat.selfIllumAmount = 100.0
									theLoader.material = theMat
									showTextureMap theMat chk_showTextures.checked
							--max views redraw
							max zoomext sel all
						)--end if node does not exist
					)--end if exists


Which version of Max are you running? It might be that you’re running a version of Max that’s newer than what that code is supported in. Or that the integration isn’t properly installed, and when it goes looking for the function it finds nothing (aka ‘undefined’).

Development stopped in 2017, so I’m not confident later versions of Max will work correctly.

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