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Set up home Render Farm

I have a local Home Render Farm using Deadline, I was wondering if I can set it up somehow to be able to receive jobs from a friend through web, I mean, that my friend without being inside my network can submit jobs from his remote computer using Deadline.
Thanks in advance.

I guess the easiest solution is to use a VPN. This way, you are as if on the same local network.
Otherwise, you would need to deal with opening ports on your home router, and so on. Some providers allow this.

The Deadline Remote Connection Server is the component that you can use for farm communication. You can generate a cryptographic key, which would be required for connection.

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Hey! thank you for replying. I have a personal home router with VPN capabilities, but sometime I want to provide this service to fellows freelancers and for security reasons i dont want to give anybody access to my network. I´m also IT guy so I can manage a little bit with opening ports etc. But I have so many questions on setting up the Deadline Remote Connection Server, for instance, the address of the server, is that a domain I need to buy from a third party?, there is not a clear guide or video on the intrnet that shows how to set it up.

The RCS is just an application you could run on a virtual machine for example, so you’d build a VM and open up the networking and ports on your network, when a user wants to connect to your Repository they would just configure their Launcher and Monitor to point to the RCS.

Note that, if you are on a home network, the provider might have some restrictions in place on exposing connections. You could try logging on to your router and checking whether it offers some services. Either you could try the default password for the router model, or ask your provider.

Self hosting has a big hobby community nowadays, so you can dive right in.
Others could connect to you either by IP, or you can point a domain name to that IP.
Since you are behind a router, you need to set up NAT on the router so it knows to forward connections on a given port to your internal address, as that is not known from the outside.
You can see your public ip address on a site such as

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Thanks @mois.moshev :slight_smile: I will try all of that. I have my onw high-end router, actually it comes with Wireguard VPN, and I have PPPoe from the provider, so I use my own router, this will make it a lot easear. I would be happy if I manage to set it up wiothout VPN, but I still have that plan B, VPN and VLAN that only has access to the servers, being the servers internet-blocked, I think this is very possible, connected to a NAS. Once I start i know I will have a lot of questions, I hope you can help me.
Thanks a lot again!

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