Setting job post task machine limit


Is there a way to set a job’s post task to use a different slave group than the one set for the whole job?

Currently I have a job set to a specified pool. But some of those machines in the pool are not equipped to handle to post task and I want to avoid them picking up and handling the post job task.




As far as I know, groups and pools are job settings, and cannot be applied to individual tasks.

You can, however, submit a new job with just the task in question, and make it dependant on the primary job. From within your second/post job then, you can figure out which job you depended on, and grab whatever info you need from that job object if you need to figure out which files were rendered or something similar.

If you’re automating your submissions, this would be reasonably easy. If it’s a manual thing, a bit more messing around.

Common scenario for me is:
<Batch job group>
1) Processing job
2) Render job (depends on #1)
3) Slapcomp and notify (depends on #2)