Setting up offsite job submission

Our shop is locked down to offsite-only, as I’m sure many others are or soon will be, and I’m having trouble wrapping my head around the steps needed to set up offsite job submission to an on-prem repository and farm. Is there a blog post or other resource I missed that explains this use case step by step without getting super far into the weeds?

As far as I understand it, the process is something like this:

  • Set up RCS on-prem
  • Punch a hole in the firewall to allow clients to connect to port 8080
  • generate certificates for the remote clients
  • [some voodoo jive]
  • [somehow tell the client to connect to the remote repo]
  • Hopefully integrated submitter scripts understand this?

As you can see, my theoretical basis is shaky at best.

Basic VPN should do the trick. Or am I missing something?

VPN isn’t an option due to keeping staff-owned devices off the network.

To fill in the voodoo jive steps, once you’ve got the RCS installed (it comes in the client installer, so feel free to re-run the installer with that checkbox ticked on whatever machine’s going to be your always-on server) you can change the repository like this.

So long as you’ve changed where that repository is pointing at the integrated submitter will understand. As far as they’re concerned nothing’s different.

If you’ve got Pulse running you can use Auto-configuration to propogate that change out to the clients.

There’s also this blog post -

Though at the moment (Deadline version running multiple RCSs behind nginx can cause issues.