Setting up workers on Azure?

Hello, I’ve got a small-scale rendering setup using Linux spot VMs on Azure. Right now my workflow involves syncing project files and running renders manually (mostly Arnold and Clarisse). I’m wondering if Deadline could help me automate the process a bit more. It looks like the Azure plugin has been removed from Deadline. Is it still possible to interface with Azure? Thanks in advance for any advice!



The Azure plugin has been removed, and even if you did dig it up it’s based on an out-of-date API. So Deadline doesn’t have anything to help unfortunately.

If you’d like to automagically get workers via Azure and you’re willing to get your hands dirty I’d crack open the /DeadlineRepository10/events/Spot event plugin to see how we do that for AWS. That assumes that talking to Azure is very similar to talking to AWS however.

Thanks for the reply!

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