Shadows onto matte objects pass?


is there a way to let sr calculate shadows casted from the particles onto defined matte objects?


No, SR doesn’t supply anything like that.

It does allow you to save out deep attenuation maps, but you’re on your own for turning them into shadow pass renders.

It’s possible to convert matte objects into points, however, if you wanted a brute force approach to the problem.

thanks chad. I take a look at the DAMs.

Deep attenuation maps are EXR files with custom channels and data. They were written to import into 3dsmax using a custom shadow plugin. The purpose was to cast shadows from particles onto geometry. You can do this in your own applications, if you write a custom loader for the deep attenuation EXR files.

I can help you with the format if you need.

Thanks Conrad. I’ll be back on this soon and will surely have some questions on the file format. thx

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