Shotgun version creation fail

Hi All,

We’ve recently had to reinstall our Deadline repo due to a VM error.

We’re submitting job via the Nuke integratted submission tools, then creating draft mov’s to upload to shotgun.

In the previous install the shotgun version was created as soon the user submitted the nuke job to shotgun, then once the draft job had completed it uploaded to that version.

Now when we submit the nuke job no shotgun version is created, and the draft job doesnt upload to anywhere.

The Test connection all works correctly. and the ‘create version on submission’ in the shotgun event is also checked - I redid the shotgun script with a new Key. Its just like i’ve missed an option to enable shotgun, even though it is globally enabled!

any ideas?


No clue what is going on, but do you set up the “pipeline tools” on submission? Or do you mean that you used the Shotgun event plugin?

We setup the pipeline tools on submission - using the SG integratted Nuke submission tool in Nuke

In this case you would have to dig into the worker logs. Does it mention whether the shotgun plugin runs at all?

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