siggraph 2006

yeah - i know siggraph 2006 is a bit away - but its in boston. in 2005 i had a bbq and it was very successful - even though it competed with the webboard.

just curious if people are a. going to siggraph in boston and b. interested in another frantic bbq.

over and out,


I will go to siggraph … and yes a BBQ would be really fun.

a: yes

b: yes

I'll be going, but I'd have a hard time deciding between your BBQ and the webboard thingy.  Perhaps you should work the scheduling out with whoever it is that does that thing. 

Truth be told, the webboard thing wasn't all that great until the AMED folks, staying in the hotel where the bar was located, came down after a meeting for drinks.  So maybe a BBQ would be better.

- Chad

I’m going for sure…and i like my steak rare!

Dwayne D. Ellis

Well I live 40 minutes north of Boston so it’s a bit of a no-brainer this year :).

So I would be interested in a BBQ.


Anything happening? I’m planning my schedule now.

  • Chad

Anything happening? I’m

planning my schedule now.

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