Will Thinkbox be hiding out in a hotel room somewhere in Vancouver? :wink:

Yes. Somewhere close to the convention center!

in case anyone coming here didnt already know -

it’s going to be a cool show for us, and we havent’ even talked about the top-secret things i want to show off in the suite like fathom :ugeek:

Fathom you say? I get an aquatic impression. :wink:

How late is the cocktail hour going to run on Monday?

I think we have dinner plans at 7 or somesuch.

you think aquatic, i think…not :sunglasses:

Hmmm not fluid related… Oh, I think I know what it is. :smiley: So you actually did it eh? That was fast.

i think we discussed it, but we discussed many things!
come by the suite!



Would a 30 min session be enough to see stuff? I have a pretty large open block on Tuesday in between demos.

well, some of it anyway! schedule it in via the website

Wish I was there. Have fun.

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