Single node value remap


Hi guys,

Since there’s a new Krakatoa version coming soon, might be a good time for some suggestions? Would be great to have a single node that does value remaps. The current divide/clamp/curve/multiply/add is a bit too cumbersome for something that gets pretty much used in every single setup, often multiple times. A single node that remaps a specified input range to an output range using a curve would be a serious usability boost.



This sounds like a good idea to me. I’ve added it to our internal issue tracker, but it’s not something that will be in the next version at this point.


Hey Evan, what about re-usable node groups? Or maybe better yet, custom composite nodes where users could choose to expose just one or two underlying inputs from the child nodes. I think there would need to be a requirement to be able to share/backup those nodes somewheres though.