slaveData permission issue


Can i get quick reply on below ticket ? it’s urgent

And can i get steps to debug this ?

Thank you


Still problem exist. please reply quickly.


What is the problem your running into?
We might be able to help here on the forum. :thinking:


Here we are using

  • Deadline
  • Centos 7.5,
  • Maya 2018.4 with MTOA

we are trying to submit render jobs via python script (see attached script). Our Maya and MTOA is on network path, so we are heavily relied on environment variables. After several attempts we got log report as below (see attached file).


  • deadline.ini ( /var/lib/Thinkbox/Deadline10/deadline.ini)

userSettings (see attached image) (2.9 KB)

Deadline Log (5.5 KB)


hi @fwx,

looking at the logs , it looks like its not trying to render with arnold but with the software renderer.

Argument:  -r sw  -n 0 -x 960 -y 540  -s 1 -e 1 -b 1 -rd 
"/fwx/prod/projects/ram/work/test/efx/maya/images" -im "stills" -proj 
"/fwx/prod/projects/ram/work/test/efx/maya"  "/Scratch/Thinkbox/Deadline10/slaveData/fwx-wrm- 

See -r sw.

In the job’s plugin settings the rendered is set with the “Renderer” property, from the maya submission interface i am not sure what this is.
But your logs show that this is either not defined, in which the base plugin will default to the software renderer.

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Hope this helps.


After upgrading both repo & client version to, Deadline is rendering job properly. Now i need help for python job submission script. My script works fine for single layer without any AOVs, But how can i submit multiple layer with multiple AOVs via python script ? is there any example script ?


To be able to get layers submitting, you’ll probably want to take a look at how it’s being done in mayabatch plugin/submitter. In this case, you need to submit to mayabatch with a “RenderLayer” option defined in your plugin info.

So if you want to submit multiple layers as jobs, you’ll have to loop over all the layers and create a new job for each one.

As for AOVs, I don’t think we do separate submissions per AOV, we just render all of the ones defined for the layer.



After looking at default script, I found that renderLayers can be handle by grouping (BatchName#), Just wanted to know that

This two variables in jobInfo file are optional right ?
can i leave it blank ?