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Smoke with DOF

Hi Guys
Here’s a render I’ve been working on - I’m pleased with the result and the bullet time look.
One thing that’s a bit weird though - The alpha channel is messed up. Where the DOF is at its most blurry there doesn’t seem to be any transparency information at all. Is this a known problem / issue?

Hi. Was this rendered using additive mode? Krakatoa doesn’t write any data to the alpha channel when in additive mode.
That said, there was a bug in some older versions where the blue channel was written to the alpha channel. If you’re seeing data written to the alpha channel for some particles, but not others, that might be the cause.

Ah, thanks Evan, that explains it.
Yes, I rendered them in additive mode, and yes, it’s an older version of Krakatoa (2versions back I think).

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