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Smooth edges with Krakatoa and TFD

Hi all,

I’ve been trying out krakatoa with the TFD loader and the smoke shader but I get mixed results.

However no matter how much I play with the render settings and the simulation, I get very defined edges on the render, and it looks more like foam or cream rather than smoke.

I saw this nice tutorial on the website … g_Workflow
but it seems that the magmaflow editor is required to use noises on the krakatoa particles and soften up the edges, and as far as I know we don’t have this kind of features in the cinema 4d version.

I was wondering if there is another way to soften up the edges when using krakatoa with TFD, since as it is now it is hard to achieved the desired results.

Thanks in advance

I am still getting to know Krakatoa but have you tried the Krakatoa Channel Texture Tag and applied a noise or a texture to your liking to Density. That in conjunction with adjusting the C4D texture gizmo to Flat, Spherical etc and with increasing/decreasing Global Scale of the Noise texture allowed me to get controlled particle falloff.

It still seems pretty clunky or limited but I’ve gotten some nice results. Hope this helps.


Hi Raf,

thanks for the reply, I think I’ll give that a shot.

Meanwhile I stumbled upon some issues. First is I can’t get the UV projection to work… Not sure if I’m doing something wrong here, help would be appreciated. Example file attached.

Second, I tried to use the Fresnel shader (which should work regardless of the projection) to reduce the density on the edges, however I think it is being interpreted as a normal gradient rather than a fresnel. I guess such shaders are not supported and need to be baked? Unfortunately in the case of TFD that won’t help much since it cannot use normal materials anyway. (53 KB)

I’ll have Conrad come by and see if he can shed some light here.

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