SMTD and Redshift - render elements exr problem

I am trying to render on deadline from Max and Redshift with splitted EXR render elements, but everytime I try it Deadline seems to get confused with the passes.
When I try the same file with Backburner, it renders just fine.

For instance it renders the beauty just fine but all the passes are blank, no information inside. Althouth the files are there.
I also noticed that it messed up with the passes names. It rendered Cryptomatte 2 times instead of the shadow pass.

I am using 3dsmax 2021 + redshift 3.0.24 + Deadline

Here is a picture within the setups.

Hi, this issue was introduced in Redshift 3.0.22 and was reported on the Redshift forums here:

The problem is two-fold. Firstly, there was a bug in that version (which will be fixed in 3.0.25). Secondly, Deadline doesn’t recognize Redshift EXR output. Redshift is actually writing the AOVs, but not using the 3ds Max buffers provided by Deadline. Deadline then overwrites the files with the empty buffers after rendering is complete.

This is actually an issue if you are using things like light groups with EXR and not separating light group files, because Deadline will overwrite the AOV file and you will lose your light group images. I suppose it’s also a performance issue in general because the files are written twice.

I will be in contact the developers to propose a proper solution for this, and ensure that Deadline knows about all the files to be written by Redshift.

Meanwhile, there IS a workaround. In 3ds Max’s EXR setup, you can check the “Automatically add render elements” checkbox. This makes Deadline think that 3ds Max will be writing everything to the main output file, and so it won’t write the AOVs. Then the ones written by Redshift will not get broken.

I should also mention that for further discussion of Redshift issues, please head over to the Redshift forums. :slight_smile:

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