SMTD installer for Max 2021

This should be a quick one:
As there is no SDK break from Max 2020 to 2021, I’m assuming I can use all 2020 plugin installers for 2021. However, there doesn’t appear to be a custom path option in the SMTD installer to select the Max 2021 folder. Any advice on how to approach this? I’ve attempted to grab from 2020’s startup scripts but it looks like that won’t be enough to get it to work? I’ve gotten SMTD to show up in 2021 but when I submit to Deadline I get this error:

Initialize: Error: ERROR: Max startup files were not found in the Deadline Repository!

I also want to get the VRay DBR submission script working as well.

Thanks for helping me out!

I done mine since few time during beta of max, also supporting the python 3 switch inside 3dsMAX 2021 (require for sequence as texture), may be i should pack it to share with community.

Happy to try it out if it’s working well for you!

Non Official Build for Deadline (3dsMAXcmd and 3dsMAX pluggins), for 3dsMAX 2021.

should work if i well pack it…

(you still need to install it manually , see Deadline doc for this)!AkoK9zh_NzKfl5EdWUOpOARYiJs5sA?e=CRIQdX

Confirm working side by side with 2019/2020/2021
Note : there is an edit to check the Max build compare to thinkbox way, that’s because I need it to work with max beta… :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Come on Thinkbox.
This is not even SDK break release.
Could we get new installer, please?

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Just a head’s up, the latest version of Deadline has official support for Max 2021.



Putting your findings in front of the dev team is on my to-do list! It’s just a long list :smiley:

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