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solid c4d update/documentation?

it will be possible to have an updated documentation for c4d krakatoa soon? i think it’s foundamental.
I wish to got a real support for this plug in.

the gradient channel has been removed as well and nobody did mention this? neither in the release infos? is this a joke? what’s going on?

Definitely not a joke.

It was explained here: … elgradient

In the release notes, it was mentioned here: … 56855.html

As for the documentation, I am with you. We are working on rewriting the complete Krakatoa documentation to unify the chapters with general Krakatoa knowledge (how does it work under the hood regardless of the host application), with specialized chapters on the integration specifics of KC4D, KMX and KMY. This is a huge undertaking and it is taking longer than expected, so it is still going on. The plan is to move the documentation of all our products to the new documentation server currently hosting the Deadline, Draft, Frost and Sequoia documentation…

Thank you for your patience!

Such a centralized documentation would be very welcome indeed.

yes it would be really appreciated at the time… moved to another software right now… bye bye thinkbox

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