[SOLVED] Mapped paths windows and linux


Are mapped paths only working for scene location, project folder and output location?
Not on paths used for referenced scenes and textures?
That is how it seems to be now. I have mix of windows and linux machines and setup all path mapping properly.
Scenes are loaded and working, but when there are absolute paths inside maya ie for referenced scene or texture… they are not working at all. Linux machines are still trying to find on windows drive letters instead of their mapped path.

Any help! Big and kinda urgent issue as well.


Maybe this will help?


That is it :x:

Path Mapping For Scene Files (For Mixed Farms)

  • Enable Path Mapping : If enabled, path mapping will be performed on the contents of the Maya scene file.
  • Path Mapping Mode : The first option uses Maya’s ‘dirmap’ command to map paths when the scene is loaded, which works on .ma and.mb files. The second option creates a local copy of the .ma file, and uses text replacement on the file to map paths.

Under plugin settings.
I missed that, but was figuring if it is setup in path mapping and it is reading scenes locations and output folders properly and I can see it is mentioned in slave log… it didn;t occur to me taht there is another separate option for that in plugin settings :X
Everyday something new to learn…
Thank you!