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Space nebula tendrils with FFX and Stoke.

I’m reaching out for some help using Stoke. I’ve been trying to create a space nebula (attached image). First I’m using FFX to sim some fire/smoke coming out of an custom made object and then using that FFX grid as a driver for Stoke (left image), my goal is to try to match the shape of the space nebula on the right, specifically those tendrils that look pointy at the end and not wispy as my current sim. Any ideas are appreciated, thanks in advaced.


I don’t think driving particles with FFX will give you controllable results to match a reference.

I would suggest actually modeling the shape of the nebula in general terms as a mesh surface, filling it with data, and then optionally manipulating the result, or turning to Stoke Particles and blowing it around somewhat.

One can either use a Krakatoa PRT Volume to go directly to particle seeding, or a Stoke Field Magma to create a field first.
I assume that no motion is required, so only the static cloud needs to be modeled.
The density of the reference cloud varies in different areas, so some control over the density could be applied using either texture maps, procedural 3D maps like Noise, Noise functions in Magma, vertex painting on the reference mesh, and so on.

Thank you for the help!
Correct about the motion, is just a static cloud. I will try this way.

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