Spherical panorama render?


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I am new to Krakatoa MX and I have a question regarding the ‘krakatoa camera modifier’. We’re working with LiDAR scans (in LAZ/LAS format) and we would like to render spherical panorama’s of those point clouds. This should be doable (according to the online documentation) as there is the possibility to override the FoV to 360-degrees and set the lens type to fisheye. I tried rendering a panorama with the earlier described settings, but without success. I was expecting an equirectangular as an output but what I got looked very warped.

So my question is; is it possbile to render proper spherical 360 panorama’s with the krakatoa cam modifier?

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Equirecrangular (lat-long) is not the same as 360 degrees fisheye spherical, so no surprise there.

We are adding to Krakatoa 3.0 Beta the ability to render both 6x1 / 12x1 cubic maps (the latter one for stereo), and to convert them into an Equirectangular map . The outputs match the results of V-Ray using the same settings. However, the Krakatoa Beta program launch is taking a bit longer than expected, so right now you cannot really access this functionality.

That being said, in the mean time you could create 6 90-degree FOV cameras from a single camera, render each one to a cubic view, and use a 3rd party application to build an Equirectangular panorama from them as a workaround…


Came here to inquire a similar situation - we would like to composite a Krakatoa point cloud with a vray render, stereo spherical.

I understand how I could do it mono spherical with 6 90deg cameras, would the same setup work if I used a stereo rig with an offset pair of cameras for each face of the cube?

Would that be considered ‘best practice’ at this time, or any other camera / render settings alternatives I should investigate to match vray & krakatoa? I ask due to this section from Chaos Group’s Guide to VR, which makes me think I could get better results doing something differently, just not sure what that would be -


In our KMX 3 prototype, we tried to match the 6x1 cubic map that V-Ray produces as one of its options. In the case of Stereo, it ends up being 12x1, with the left 6 cubic images next to the 6 right cubic images. The images are ordered and flipped in specific ways required by Oculus/GearVR which use that format as the default input.
See this online forum post for the actual order and orientation:

We also added the option to produce a Lat-Long (Equirectangular) image from each 6x1 strip, so you end up with two of these side by side for platforms that use Equirectangular instead of the 12x1 strip.

Some of the issues described in your quote might still come up, but I do not have a VR headset and have never seen the actual results of a Krakatoa rendering myself, just heard positive response from early testers. :blush:


Can’t wait for version 3! What’s the progress? Very curious :slight_smile:


Bumping this thread. Is there any progress for version 3 of Krakatoa MX? I really can’t wait to try out the new spherical camera. Hope you keep us up-to-date