Spline > Hair > Velocities > Stoke Field Follow?


I’ve manged to be able to drive a stoke sim with velocities converted from hair tangents as shown in your Splines As Distribution And Velocity Sources video. Sweet functionaily. :slight_smile: But I’d like to use the same spline to hair to velocities from within a Pflow Stoke Field Follow. Surely this is possible? I’ve managed to assign the PRThair (with magmaModifier converting tangents to velocity) as a field node object in the stoke field follow operator, but the velocity channel doesn’t show up in the velocity dropdown in the field follow operator. What else do I have to do to make this kind of thing work?



It works for me.

The only case where I could imagine the PFlow operator refusing to use the Stoke Field Magma object as input would be if there was a circular dependency (Stoke object already using the PFlow for something else). But in that case, picking the object via the pick button would refuse the pick the object.

For a quick test, I did this:

  • Created some Spline (as a stand-in for a hair strand)
  • Added an animated Noise modifier to give it some motion
  • Created a PRT Hair from it
  • Created a Stoke Field Magma
  • Added a PVelocitySplat from the Tangent channel, output multiplied by 30.0 as Velocity, picked PRT Hair as the InputParticles, and connected the Position for sampling.
  • Created a PFlow around the same area with a large emitter within the Field.
  • Replaced the Speed operator with a Stoke Field Follow
  • Picked the Stoke Field Magma as the source - the Velocity appeared as it should.
  • Set the Birth operator to emit 20K particles on frame 0
  • Set Display to Lines
  • Moved the time slider - the particles followed the tangents of the spline and started floating around…


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