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State of Stoke?


Personally I think it’s a shame Stoke hasn’t catch on more as it adds so much power to all things VFX by manipulating and creating velocity fields to be used with virtually any tool in 3ds max, and so much more but I digress.

If Stoke is still getting some development time, I’d really love to see vector display improved. In Houdini there are streamers, basically takes the vector of the current frame and user input number of frames and gives you a much better idea of how your velocity fields behave over time. Any chance this could be added?

I attached an example picture if my explanation wasn’t all that great.


Hi Tobbe,

Thanks for the suggestion. I can’t make any promises, but I can at least add it to our internal issue tracker.

Great idea, that is… if stoke is still in development :slight_smile:

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