Status Starting Up Stuck



I’ve spent a good bit of time searching the forums and google but haven’t found anything on this yet so let me know if I’m missing anything.

This is my first time using Deadline, testing at work on a local only situation.

Running in C4D, with Redshift, also using HDR Light Studio.

I’ve got the slave application running and open, the job gets submitted fine, but once it’s in the monitor it sits there on frame 0 starting up with 0% progress for longer than the render should take for the whole 40 frames. Definitely not moving or going to move.

Any help would be appreciated. I will be running this on an actual second machine slave in the near future but trying to work through errors in the meantime.

Thank you


Can you see the slave log? if you’re running it on the same machine you should be able to see where it is getting stuck


Here’re some things you can check.