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I am wondering what could cause this error on deadline?
what/where should l look into?
this happens when a simple nuke script job is sent to farm.

If you would like to know more information, I can provide.

That’s not familiar at first glance, could you add some more information? Is this during submission, or during render?

Check out this page on logs and where to find them to make sharing info easier. Thanks!

Thanks Justin.

This happens after submission on random nuke scripts and it’s very On/Off Error, meaning it does not happen all the time for the same script.
From the log:
terminate called after throwing an instance of ‘std: :bad_alloc’
what(): std: :bad_alloc
Monitored managed process Nuke is no longer running

the progress of each worker for that job is 0%.

Oh that’s from Nuke crashing! That makes more sense.

Go through the troubleshooting guide to pull out the command Deadline is using to run Nuke and see if Nuke falls down outside of the Deadline Worker as well. If it does, shoot a message to Foundry support to see what they think.

If it doesn’t, could you get us the full task report when Nuke is run in Deadline, and the output you get when running outside of Deadline to compare?


Thanks justin_B will try that.

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i was able to run the command outside of the Deadline. it was getting the same error with core dump but when i attempt to recreate the issue another day to capture the full error and send it to foundry, the job was running outside of deadline just fine.
however it still fails on deadline.
since you asked me to send you the task report and this issue is related to work environment with some confidentiality included in the task report, I am wondering if there is anything specific that i can send you rather than the whole task report.

Hello @bigly

If you are concerned about sharing it on the forums you can cut us a ticket.

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Thanks, @zainali should it be done in “submit the request”?

There is a button to “Raise a Support Ticket” on the URL I shared.


That’s all the button on see on my side, in that link.
update: I found the button you are talking about in this page,

how ever, clicking on it, take me to the same page I attached above.

Oh yes, then the button “Submit Request” will create a ticket.

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