Step by step. Inherit Environment Variables

Hi, I would like to ask if there are any step by step guides that show the whole process of getting deadline to inherit env variables from host apps / submitters.
My goal is to begin with get deadline to automatically inherit the variables from Maya and Nuke, atm I launch my and nuke with very simple bat scripts that point to plugin paths, mainly vray and nukepath.
There seems a few posts that kind of help “IncludeEnvironment=True” but im not exactly sure what files to modify. Or can this be setup purely within the deadline monitor gui. There also seem to be a lot of documentation in the manual but alot of it seems very developer focus’ed whereas im a “mere artist” trying to get these things set up in a quick, simple, felxible way. Also is this a good way of setting things up, i cant imagine I would ever need to not have deadline inherit the variables but maybe I am missing something.

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