Stoke color from FumeFX


I’m trying to figure out how to have Stoke use the color from a FFX simulation.
I’m using a FFX grid for distribution and velocity inside Stoke but I don’t see the color channel in the list… tried adding a Magma modifier on top of Stoke but when I try to read the color it says is not available.
Does anyone know how to approach this?

Thanks in advanced.


Hi wserlopz,

When running a FumeFX simulation, in order to make the color channel available, it must be simulated in FumeFX. This doesn’t happen by default and must be turned on:

Then you need to make sure it’s added to the list of exported channels:


Once you’ve done this, you’ll need to re-run the FumeFX simulation so that the channel gets exported.


Hi Evan,
Thanks for the help.
That part is setup correctly already. My problem is inside Stoke, it is not showing up the color from the FFX grid.