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Stoke MX and VDB's

Hello - simple question, no time to check it all
Does Stoke MX support vdb grids exported from, let’s say Phoenix FD? Are any channels other than velocity accessible? I would like to get color smoke in RGB channel transferred into stoke particles, advecting them with grid’s velocity and then mesh them with frost as debri with a color similar to the smoke that locally emited them.

Is this possible with current versions of Stoke? Krakatoa perhaps?


VDBs are pretty universal, Stoke can read VDBs coming from any source, including Phoenix, Houdini, and even the samples from the DreamWorks website. You should be able to access any channel.

I’m in Stoke v2.2.1 and VDB’s from Fume do not read in Stoke. I’ve also tried loading them into a Stoke Field Loader and using that as a velocity source but still wasn’t able to get any velocities from the VDB sequence. Was this issue addressed in a later version of Stoke than what I have here? Currently the only workaround is to do a much lower res FXD sim in Fume and use that as a source.

The truth is that since Stoke can read FXDs directly from Fume, I personally have never looked at the VDBs that Fume produces. Can you send me some VDBs you have created so we can take a look at the content? It might be just a channel naming issue. If that’s the case, you could remap the channels using a Stoke Field Magma.

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