Stoke render licensing pretty harsh in some scenarios


Hi guys,

We’re doing wetness with Stoke - wet sim particles come in, StokeMagma turns them to a field. FieldTexMap samples it and we use it as a blend map. Works great! Makes total sense to render it in our beauty element.
The problem is that we need Stoke render licenses for that. And it’s very restrictive for farm usage. Feels like more fit for Krakatoa style fast renders on fewer machines than heavy geometry renders - like the more relaxed Frost licensing. Would be great if it would be more in that direction for certain use cases.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Please consider this a BUG!
The ONLY situation Stoke is supposed to ask for a license is SIMULATION.
Any component of Stoke asking for a license during rendering has a bug that must be fixed.
Please report EVERY case where a Stoke license is being requested and you are NOT running a Stoke Particle Simulation or Stoke Field Simulation.
For all other cases, we are requiring a workstation license to be VISIBLE on the license server, but it won’t be acquired.

I already received a report from another customer who discovered that a Stoke Field Loader was pulling a network simulation license when rendering.
Basically they had a Stoke Field Loader feeding a Stoke Sim. They deleted the Sim, used a PRT Loader to feed a Frost, and just had a hidden Stoke Field Loader with an FXD sequence sitting around. Deleting that solved the problem.

The above is logged as a bug and we are looking into it.


That’s a relief :slight_smile:


Just a headsup - I’ve go this exact same problem.

Looking forward to a fix.



I checked again with the lead developer, we hope to have a fix out real soon!
Thanks for your patience!


Soon would be really great,

This bug is currently causing us a huge headache.
Having to delete all the stoke stuff before each render is a huge pain and is a real magnet for errors.




I believe we are testing a possible fix now. Bobo is out of this office right now, but he should be able to tell you more when he returns next week.


I’m waiting with bated breath!


Just to chime in, I’m having the same problem. A fix would be much appreciated!


Please check your email (the one you use for this Forum).


What was the solve for this?

I am having this problem now and it is killing me.


I am pretty sure it was this: … e-log.html

If you have only a workstation license, this fix does not change your situation, but you can request a license relocation (free if you are on valid support) to switch to a floating license.