Stoke simulator: RESUME


Is there any way to be able to resume a simulation after you’ve saved and reloaded the file? No settings have changed.



Not at the moment. The current stop/resume feature simply stops the background calculations, and continues from the previous state in the memory cache. It MIGHT be possible to restore the state of the simulation from disk and allow the resuming of the simulation after a restart in the future, but this would be a rather big feature request.

We already have a long list of large item feature requests. So how important would that be for you and anyone else reading this thread? Please let us know.


Hey Bobo, thanks for the reply. I suspected that it wasn’t possible at this stage but I thought I’d ask just in case there was “one simple trick that you won’t believe” to get it to resume. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m running a 2000 frame 10x partitioned stoke sim that took 16 days and I need to extend it by another 1000 frames. So if there was a way, it would be super helpful today.

My current setup:
Pflow (10,000) > stoke stage1(100,000) > stoke stage2(100,000,000 = 10 partitions @ 10,000,000 each) > PRT_cloner (500,000,000) > Krakatoa render @ 8K STEREO.

It’s been a journey. :wink:

I think resuming after a save/load would be a very useful feature to have, but I wouldn’t rush it to the top of the list.



Thanks, I have logged it as a Wish.