Submission Disconnecting Network Drives


I just updated to the most recent version of Deadline and am having the strangest issue. When I submit from Houdini or Cinema4D, the network drive I’m working off of disconnects. I reconnect the drive, then submit again, and it disconnects the drive. Is there some sort of control Deadline has now over network drives?

Thank you!

Hey, this is really weird. I’d assume you are using Deadline (latest version as of today).

Please provide more information on this issue:

  • Which version of Houdini/C4D you are using?

  • Are you rendering on AWS? if yes please provide the asset server logs.

  • Please also provide the the settings here: Deadline Monitor> Tools (super user)> Configure Repository options> Mapped Drives> Screenshot

  • I’ll have to check the setting here: " Only Map If Unmapped ", it is described in this link here

  • Please also confirm if you are running Deadline Launcher as a service.

  • Can you also provide application logs, they sit here. I will look at the Worker and Launcher logs to see if something is printed at the time of submission or job de-queue relating to the drive unmap.

  • Are you required to put in password/username to remap the drive manually?

  • Last but not the least, I would like to look at the render log (if there is any): Deadline monitor> Jobs Panel> (right menu option) View Job Reports> Task ID 0 (4th column upper pane)> Right click> Save> send