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Submit Nuke project error :NameError

Hey guys:
I’m in trouble. I had to render a “.NK” file. But deadline always gets me the error.
The error is NameError: name ‘createOutDirs’ is not defined.
Some on in the same trouble?


I did some Googling for that, and it looks like “createOutDirs” is part of an example from this page.

Has someone created a custom gizmo over there? Maybe it’s not quite done and can’t be used in your current script? I went digging through the Deadline Repository and that code isn’t in any of our scripts.

To help narrow it down, if you submit a Nuke script that’s just an input and and output does it throw the same error?

I have corrected this error. But a new issue appears.

ERROR: PMask1: ‘PMask’: unknown command. This is most likely from a corrupt .nk file, or from a missing or unlicensed plug-in. Can’t render from that Node.

The ‘PMask’ is a custom script. I had published it on an intranet. I have no problem using this on our computer. But there’ll trouble when I used Nuke frame serve.

Did deadline support nuke gizmo?


It should. We just have a fancy way of opening Nuke and requesting it render your script. Assuming the PMask gizmo can be loaded on the remote rendering computer you should be good to go.

Usually, my recommendation is to open Nuke on the machine which is throwing errors and resolve it there before going back to Deadline.

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