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Suggestions for Python Help?

Hi all,

every now and then I have need for some custom scripts or whatever, related to Draft and Deadline. However, I know nothing about scripting and I could use some help pulling them together. I really appreciate the support staff at Deadline, and I think this type of custom request falls outside their responsibilities, so I’m looking to hire someone to pull a quick script or two together.

I know it probably won’t take a long time, especially for someone already versed in “deadline”. I tried fiverr already, but no one seems to want to touch this, for whatever reason.

Any suggestions? You can PM with contact details.

Yeah, not much time for my scripting things these days over at the Thinkbox corral. I’m definitely game to lend a hand on the API and design thinking though!

This is literally the first time I’ve visited this part of the forum, and I’m sure a lot of other people don’t find themselves here often either. That being said, why don’t you post your problem in this thread and see if the hive mind can get you started?

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