'taskStartFrame' was not found

Hi all, every time I try to start a draft job in deadline I get the following error message.

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “T:\events\DraftEventPlugin\DraftQuickSubmission\DraftCreateMovie.py”, line 19, in
params = ParseCommandLine( expectedTypes, sys.argv )
File “T:\draft\Windows\64bit\DraftParamParser.py”, line 197, in ParseCommandLine
return ParseParams( expected, params )
File “T:\draft\Windows\64bit\DraftParamParser.py”, line 120, in ParseParams
raise StandardError( “ERROR: Expected parameter ‘%s’ was not found.” % key )

StandardError: ERROR: Expected parameter ‘taskStartFrame’ was not found.

I have no idea why its doing this and after spending ages working out whats going wrong I’m still no closer to figuring it out. The command generated from the Draft Submission script is definitely providing the taskStartFrame and the files and paths are all correct.

I’m sure there is something simple that I’m missing but I cant figure out what it is. If anyone has any idea what might be going wrong I’d greatly appreciate the help.

Just to elaborate a bit in case someone isn’t aware: This error is happening when the Draft script is run via the plugin. The Draft script itself is expecting that parameter to have been passed by the arguments generated by the Deadline plugin, and it might not be getting there properly… It’s unlikely, but we’ll check.

Parzival, can you make a dummy job that throws this error, then archive it? Just stop the job and right-click -> archive to turn it into a zip file to attach here. That should include all the submitted parameters as well as all the logs.

I think I found the cause of the problem is the DraftParamParser.py

If my understanding is correct what happens when a job is submitted an argument with the start and end frame is given such as 1-100. The DraftParamParser script takes this argument from the submission script and extracts the start and end frame then passes it as a command line option to Draft. Problem is the FrameRangeToFrames function in the DraftParamParser isn’t working and causing it to error.

As a work around I’ve made up a custom draft template that converts the frame range into a start and end frame and passes it as an argument to Draft. Its a bit dodgy but its working well for now.

I’ve attached the archive for you guys to take a look at, hopefully it help you find out what is going wrong.

Thanks again for your help :slight_smile:
DraftPluginMoiveTest_v001.aep.zip (6.95 KB)

Hey Parzival,
Would you be able to post a full log of this failing. I have been running a few tests and it seems to be working for arguments being passed into the script are you seeing both taskStartFrame=# taskEndFrame=# or are you seeing it as a single number. Also which version of deadline are you using. I just want to see if anything has changed recently.


I’m using deadline 8 and the job report shows both taskStartFrame=0 taskEndFrame=199 are in the command. I’ve attached the log file from the most recent job. Let me know if you need any extra info.
Job_2016-11-14.txt (7.09 KB)