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textures to control emission,adsorption,density

new to particles… :question:
How can i use maya textures to control emission,adsorption,density etc of prt object inside magma.

Magma for Maya cannot evaluate textures directly, but you can use the Apply Texture node available in the Krakatoa Modifiers Manager to create a channel that you can then access from a Magma. You can watch the Magma Webinar videos to see an example of that: … ma-webinar
See the “Controlling The Shading” topic.
It shows you how to set a specular power and level per-particle value, but you can simply use the same approach to write to Density, Emission, Absorption etc.
In fact, the Apply Texture node can write directly to any of these channels, but the Magma part lets you read the texture result, process it further and send to several channels at once…

Hope this helps.

Hey Thanks man :slight_smile:

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