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The script could not be found

Trying to install submitter on Houdini 19.5 on Fedora 36.
Install from script never worked for Houdini so installed all manually. Put all files where they should be made all path changes needed… But no luck gettingit to work.
Any idea what am I missing here??

The script could not be found in the Houdini installation. Please make sure that Deadline Client has been installed on this machine.

It is installed, deadline worker rendering fine, but submitter don;t wanna work. Any ideas please?

I put a ticket about the installer, so hopefully this will be fixed.

Are you using py39? do you have the file in a python39libs folder

Ah that is it!
I actualy had it in 3.7 based on older installs… That is it all good now. Thanks!

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