ThinkBox Website Colour Scheme

Any chance you guys can have a rethink for the colouring of your website, the white text on black really hurts to read for long periods of time! Thought the black/white look went out of fashion a while ago for a reason!

We discussed this last week at NAB. Dark gray background and light gray text (e.g. CGTalk) is what I would like to get. We previewed the opposite (white background, black text) and it killed my eyes instantly. Any suggestions about the colors YOU would like to see?

Ugg. CGTalk, especially on bold text, is too low contrast. Maybe if you didn’t use so much bold on your site, or chose a different font. Oh, and your favicon doesn’t match the logo on the page.

Dark Grey a la CgTalk would be fine, or something in tune with this forum’s colours, the old Prime Focus one was perfectly readable.

its actually really easy to change on our site - if you guys want to link me to some examples i’ll happily check 'em out

Nobody sent me examples so i changed it on my own :wink:
i thought i would try [nearly] white for a bit.



I made a copy of your template and tweaked the orange/brown URL color to Thinkbox blue. For a short while :slight_smile:

Here is yours:
Here is mine:

yeah, i thought about that! maybe a bit darker for legibility. go for it!


I’m finding the grey on grey italics to be hard to read…

Otherwise everything looks cool.

EDIT: Oh wait. It looks OK now. I’m still not crazy about the font/styling, but at least there’s contrast.

I tweaked the quote to remove the " symbol and make the color easier to read.
I could try to tweak the font too, but I wanted those blocks to be different enough when used inside a document.
I am not sure why the descriptions of links have this style to start with…

Much much better :slight_smile:

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