Tile Assembler Bug: Maya, VRay Overscan and Multichannel EXR

Hi all,

I’ve come across what I believe to be a bug in the tile assembler on deadline. I’ve found with some specific settings my render comes out looking like this:


Steps to reproduce this issue:

  • Open maya (tested with maya 2018)
  • Set up a basic render scene.
  • Set the renderer to VRay, and in the overrides tab of the render settings add camera overscan values (I used 45 and 20).
  • Set the output format to multichannel exr.
  • Set off a tiled render with the deadline submitter. The number of tiles doesn’t appear to affect the result.
  • If the format is set to something other than multichannel exr (tested with png) the resulting stitched render will be correct.

So far as I can tell this is something to do with the way that the draft tile assembler stitches together exr tiles specifically, as I’ve not seen the issue on other file formats.

I’ve attached a copy of my test scene, if anyone is able to take a look that would be great.

Many thanks, please let me know if you need any further info or clarification.


test_scene_for_deadline_support.0002.mb.zip (13.3 KB)

It’s worth noting that when I view the tiles individually in Nuke, they appear as I’d expect, and they can be stitched together manually, so I’m fairly sure the actual output of the render isn’t the problem.

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