TileAssembler EXR DataWindow or DisplayWindow


I am trying to write a tile assembly GUI for maya so we can recompile various tiles from overscan renders back into an image afterwards. I am getting some unexpected results and wanted to try understand what is happening a little more.

Does TileAssembler expand the frame to the size of the DisplayWindow or DataWindow? do we have any control over that?

The results I get are cutting away anything outside the DataWindow.


That, is a great question. I’ve talked Draft internals with the dev team a few times before, but I’m not sure if my recollection is accurate here.

I know that we support overscan/padding on the tiles in a few different applications (3DS Max being one of them) so you should be able to do this. Are you using the ‘TilesCropped’ parameter? I’m not sure if we’re using the EXR DataWindow or not, but I’ll ask.


I haven’t been using the TilesCropped so far, wasn’t all that sure what it was needed for! Maybe I need to have this setup as false and specify the width and height. Will try test that out.


I think a good reverse-engineering route would be to submit a few different jobs with parameters (like padding being enabled) and check the various config files that come out from that. The developer came back to me and mentioned that they’ll need to spend some time looking into it (you asked a really great pointed question that’s tricky to answer. :D).

Let me know if your experimenting yields results there though!


Hey Edwin,

Still no luck with this unfortunately. I haven’t successfully got this to work yet, tried putting in some cropping settings but didnt really do anything i wanted it to. I don’t think i have control over data getting cropped outside the displaywindow.

We always get an image assembled from tiled renders which is cropped to the displaywindow. This is fine for images without overscan but i think vray renders the overscan into the datawindow which is larger than the displaywindow therefore cropping out that extra data.

I didnt find anything to do with padding in the documentation, are there some parameters you could suggest i try? thanks.


I’m going to try and get some test tiles (using overscan) from the development team but my contact is out today. I’ve put a little reminder in to follow up next week if that’s okay.


That would be great Edwin. Thanks.