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Toonboom Harmony 22 support

Hi, we’d love support for Harmony 22. We as a studio are trying out Deadline, but we do a fair bit of work in Harmony, and we’d love for Harmony 22 to get official support. As you might know, Harmony 22 has implemented a Python module, which could hopefully make it easier to support.

We don’t yet support Harmony 22 officially but you can manually patch the executable paths for Harmony into the plugin files in Deadline and could try submitting Harmony jobs. However, this could break or simply might not work if there are significant changes in Harmony 22. This intended to add support for UI only.

Please replace the file below with the ones I’ve attached in (5.2 KB)

). If you try to add it
make sure to create backups of files mentioned below and then replace.


Hey zainali, I would love to give it a shot. The “here” link in your last post does not seem to link to anything.

Ah, sorry. I have edited the original post.

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