Translating PRT loaders


I have a simulation brought in to a maya scene with a few PRT loaders. Now I would like to parent that simulation to a moving spaceship. I’ve found that translating the Loaders doesnt change the positon of the simulation at render time. Is there another way to do this?


This did not sound right to me - so I opened Maya, created a PRT Loader, parented it to another node, keyframed the position of the parent and batch rendered in Krakatoa - the PRT Loader was definitely following as it should.

Does your PRT Loader transform correctly in the viewport?


yes it does. Weird, I will do another quick test. It kind of made sense to me that it wouldnt follow the loader because I figured the PRTs were just reading their position data and not paying attention to the where the loader was… I actually used a parent constraint instead of parentging but i doubt that makes any difference… at any rate, Ill get back to you shortly.


The Transforms of the PRT node should always be taken into account by design (in Krakatoa MX, there is an explicit switch to Apply Transforms, but in Maya we just left it always transformable).

The particle data is saved in World Space, but is loaded in Object Space, so placing a PRT Loader at the origin produces the World Space equivalent. If you animate the transform, save the PRT Loader to a new PRT sequence and load the resulting files in a new PRT Loader, your new particles will move even if the new PRT Loader is static at the origin - the transforms would be “baked”. But then you can still transform or animate the PRT Loader to layer another transformation on top…

There could be an issue with constraints that we are unaware of - that would be a bug. Please do a quick test with parenting vs. parent constraint and let us know. We might need to log a bug…


ok - everything works fine. I must have made a mistake in my scene and jumped to the wrong conclusion. I apologize for the false alarm.



No worries, glad it is working!