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Trapped SEH Error - \ + \ctrl.dlc

Hey there, I’m having an issue getting every other machine to render a couple of scenes submitted from this workstation, it will pick the jobs up fine running the worker on this workstation. It seems to be something wrong with the scene file but i just cant identify what.

1 worker reports something about \
and another worker sais \ctrl.dlc
both with the SEH Error

Would it be possible for you to upload the job log file?
And upload the log file on the systems that are failing.

Hello @Geoffrey_Ledger I cannot tell for sure but it seems like 3dsMax?

Looks like these dlls need to be installed on the render nodes.

The easiest way to get more information is open the scene locally on the render node in question (if you are using 3dsMax) and render it within the DCC. Check console for errors.

Worker Job (39.0 KB)

Sure, here are all 4 Worker reports (Tonton-PC might be a bit under spec btw, also maybe ignore the auxilllary file error as thats just box drive being slow i think, the WINDOWS-00BMTEM machine is my own workstation that hosts the deadline server and runs a worker too, it is now also having issues picking up this render, probably due to the size of some of the xref objects contained within each xrefscene, it seemed to render fine for a while and then after some optimizations it stopped working, i think even previous job submissions from the same scene but earlier now wouldn’t work if duplicated, had no major problems so far with any other scene file)

the scene file is about 700mb with compress on save enabled, all xref scenes have also got compress on save, many assets are xref objects that probably need proxies but im new to this stuff


still having this issue, now with another scene that renders fine on all machines but one (12.5 KB)

Thanks, what is the DCC? we are using V-Ray, do you mean the VFB?

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