Trying to install MongoDB Ubuntu

hello I am trying to install deadline on ubuntu 20 but I am getting this error

Failed to download MongoDB to /tmp/repoinstalltemp/mongo. Ensure you’re using a Deadline supported operating system. You can also manually install MongoDB by navigating to the Deadline documentation and following the instructions

help please

Hi Evelyn,

You need to manually install mongodb for anything above Ubuntu 16 (I think)

These are my steps for putting it on Ubuntu 20 :

Install mongodb

sudo apt install -y mongodb

then check if its running :

sudo systemctl status mongodb

Edit the mongodb conf to bind the Deadline repository ip address

sudo nano /etc/mongodb.conf

Bind_ip =,192.168.xx.xx  <--this is your deadline ip
port = 27017 <-- this is the port deadline will look for

Save and exit the file.

Restart the mongodb service with

sudo systemctl restart mongodb

Check it still works with

sudo status systemctl mongodb

Then when it comes to installing deadline, use an existing mongo database and make sure the port is correct and it “should” work.

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Yup! That’ll work great. Just remember to either change MongoDB to listen on 27100 or when running the Repository installer, tell it to use port 27017.

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