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Turbulence FD matte object

Hi guys
I’m using Krakatoa to render some Xparticles which are being advected by a TFD sim. The particles are burning embers being spat out by the fire, so I need to be able to comp them on top. Is there a way of getting Krakatoa to recognise the TFD sim as a matte object so it occludes the rear facing partivles?

you could render the TFD Container Fluid directly in Krakatoa as well and colorize the particle black for instance. This way you would only see the desired Xparticles in front.

Ah yes, of course. I’ll give that a try. Thanks a lot.

Just an update.
This technique did work but had a draw-back.
Because I need to use motion blur for the embers, the render time went up massively because it was applying this to the TFD fluid as well. I can do the MB in post but this isn’t as good as Krakatoa.
Does anyone have any thoughts?

alternative you could try to mesh the turbulence fd cache, which would require some workarounds as well though.

Another good idea -thanks. I’ll try and skin the sim I’m xParticlres and see what happens.

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